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8 Ways to Volunteer in Your Community

8 Ways to Volunteer in Your Community

"The Best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" ~Mahatma Gandhi

Volunteering is an act of kindness that makes you feel good and makes others want to do good.  Doing good fills our hearts with joy, it gives us a natural high that is contagious. Do you want to volunteer but don't know where to start? This list should get you going in the right direction!


Food Pantries always need help handing out hot meals, creating a local food drive, organizing their inventory or raising money. I recently took my kiddos with me to volunteer at a local food pantry. Often times I find families don't volunteer as much as they'd like because they have children. Once your little ones are old enough, I say bring them along. Teach them at a young age that even they can help make a difference! My 7 year old daughter helped clean and organize with some other small kids while my 13 year old son and I helped families in need gather their weekly groceries. Go to to find a need near you.


LOVE this organization. I actively take part in local builds as often as I can. If you have, or want to learn home repair skills and building maintenance, this is a fabulous opportunity to give back and get educated! Habitat For Humanity is a non profit organization that helps people in your community and around the world build or improve a place they can call home. You can single handedly help build a home for a neighbor in your community. Learn more about them and ways to volunteer locally here


Y'all! There really is a volunteer opportunity for everyone! I'm a HUGE nature lover. There are so many different ways to volunteer at a National Park. It's not just picking up litter! With more than 330 million visits per year, National Park Services works with communities to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in meaningful volunteer opportunities.


This is an opportunity I have jumped on since my son started kindergarten. Moms! Dads! Your kids teachers are real life Super Heroes! But even super heroes need a side kick or two! Reach out and see how you can help them. Whether it's grading papers, helping with quizzes, organizing a class party or a weeks lesson, our kids teachers are helping to mold the future you can be a big part of that as well!


Where are all my fur baby lovers at? If pets are your passion there are opportunities for you there! Reach out to a local shelter see how you can assist. Or help a friend in need by walking there pup, or even watching their pet while they go out of town. Volunteering your time doesn't have to be a huge scale, with an organization. You can volunteer to help your friends and family in need also! I know I could use a volunteer sometimes to watch my pup when I travel!


These homes need volunteers to interact with their residents, be a listening ear. And take it from me the older the story teller the more interesting and fun the story! Also you might assist in hosting dances, card games and bingo nights. Share a skill or teach a class. The possibilities are endless.


There are many ways to volunteer at church. I personally serve with the kids ministry. I have a huge heart for our little ones. They are our future after all. Any opportunity I get to make a positive impact on a child I jump at. There are many ways to volunteer with a church. Help organize a function for your community, or organize a season to "do good". At my church for example we have what's called "Do Good Summer" the church staff and volunteers came up with different volunteer opportunities within our community all summer long. No one has to think about how to do good. We just sign up and go change the world (or at least our city!)


One of my favorite volunteer opportunities is baby cuddling! Yes you heard that right. You can volunteer at a hospital and help in many different ways, one of those ways could be as a baby cuddler, someone who spends time holding babies throughout the day so that they experience the physical contact and love that is needed during infancy. If this sounds like something you'd like to do you, research programs in your area, apply to volunteer, and complete all training courses if a hospital near you has this need!

No matter what your heart is calling you to do, find it, embrace it and make a change! I would love to hear about some of you experiences and where you favorite place to give your time is. Leave me a comment below. 




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